Lode Tibos:

The work of Lode is still begin exhibited from time to time
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Patricia Hiele:

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History of exhibitions, events:
Lode Tibos

Events 2011

RISS 2011, Sprimont near Luik (B)
Sculpture symposium in August

Events 2010

RISS 2010
, Sprimont near Luik (B)

Sculpture symposium in August

Events 2008

Barossa International Sculpture Symposium, AustraliŽ
1 September to 15 October 2008

of the symposium

Events 2004-2005

Project Drenthe Boulders
In cooperation with Gallery Dehullu, Gees

City Park of Coevorden, Drenthe (NL)

Realisation April 2004



This project will be integrated in the concept "Hedendaagse Hunnebedden" along the Hondsrug (Drenthe).
See more on the site Art in Stone

Beelden in Gees 2004,
Beeldentuin Dehullu, Gees, Drenthe (NL)
12 may to 26 September 2004

Rencontres Internationales Sculpture
, near Leige (B)
(Sculpture symposium)
August 2005